I’m unsure about the purpose or future of this space, but there are a few underlying principles that will surface again and again in whatever I do, so let me try to articulate those here:

I believe that if you turn your TV off and really look around you, you will see that we have, collectively, gone almost totally insane. For that reason, I believe you should kill your TV. I believe hospitals and doctor’s offices are for sick and injured people, which the majority of pregnant women are not. On that note, I believe we are very sadly losing touch with our own mammalian biology, history, spirituality. I believe we can get it back. I believe in taking a proactive approach to holistic health, and that this requires a thoughtful review of all choices in our lives and how they contribute to or detract from our overall well-being. I believe you will feel a lot better psychologically if you eat a lot less refined sugar.

Most importantly, I believe in lifelong learning. I believe questioning everything is a great way to honour your own personal authourity & intuition, and fight aforementioned collective insanity. I believe that love can save us all. I believe that I am not in control (I believe that no one is in control), but I believe it is good for the soul to try.



12 thoughts on “About

  1. I like your “Gomeshi-3style” of word.It’s attacking,intrusive,and more importantly;choking the life out of us decent,respectful males.
    Although I respect the f**k out of your piece,it lit a fire in me.I’m trying to think back when,in the heat of a too-much-too-drink argument,or, I’m on top and we’re down to our underwear in the heat of the moment,have I ever or would take it that far to make my female lover/companion/f**kbuddy feel degrated or awkward or worthless or any of the general summation this blog is saying.Guys are basically monsters.
    I have a daughter and I wish my wife and I hadn’t been so selfish when we first got together because I’d have ten more of her.As she winds her way down this road I’m here to let her know about pussies like Jian.Don’t bother with guys.Bother yourself with challenges, guys double-blink and scratch their heads by the time you’re done with them anyhoo.All you said was “hi”,flipped your hair and moved on.
    Thanks for letting me rant on this post.I just wanted to convey that there are still us Clark Kent’s that exist.Oh yeah,you tell people to turn off their tv’s but you post about Gomeshi?….#stillamedium
    My mother taught me important life lessons about females.Always open doors,always walk on sidewalk nearest traffic,and….put the toilet seat down!!That lady who bore and raised me who I love unconditionally?We barely talk anymore.That’s a conversation for another peice.

    • well written, accurate assesment of the culture we live in. thank you for giving an honest voice to this absurd and disgusting public performance. most men are this way because society has never really pushed back on them. now is the time

  2. Your writing is a gift BBB. I apologise in the name of all the a**holes, dicks and losers spewing their confused arrogant comatose doodoo in the comments of Fuck You Jian. Calling them disgusting would sully the word. All power to you.

  3. Excellent analysis , personally even tho i didn’t read Fifty Shades of Gray, I believe it has had a huge impact on woman and is timely in this case. Child sexual abuse survivors are indoctrinated to believe they deserve to be treated lesser, the media, and the injustice system reinforce that belief.

  4. Wow – thank you for your post on Jian. You so clearly articulated the truth of the issue! Then I went on to read more of your blog and found I connected with your “Transition” piece too. Your writing is deeply personal and so much appreciated in a world of incomplete humans losing our connections with each other and ourselves. Keep writing and I will keep reading. Thank you!!!

  5. Great post. The fact that these women will be discredited does not make their testimony any less truthful about the events that took place at the hands of Jian Gomeshi.

  6. You are a beautiful soul….

    Planet Earth is in need of speakers/writers such as yourself..

    You shine the light where it needs shining. We’re all getting a nice dose of the judicial/court/legal system with this case, and with cases such as Cosby’s.

    All of what is happening in this case happens in many workplaces. I’m a whistle-blower myself, and I know how difficult it is to stand up for TRUTH, when everyone else is walking down the halls with their blindfolds on – everyone is paranoid about losing their jobs.

    We’re living in a ‘ME-ME-ME’ kind of world – where everyone is out there looking out for only themselves. But when many people learn of or actually witness the evils that some humans possess, they turn a blind eye out of fear. And nobody will ever understand this – until you blow that whistle on the wrong.

    Oh humanity – if only you weren’t so badly brainwashed…..
    because after all……chemtrails, vaccine pushing, gmo’s & sprays, MK Pinecomb/Ultra – is all a facade right?

  7. I wonder who you are. You rant exquisitely well, but when you rant against a public figure, who may be truly despicable, but you yourself remain enigmatically clothed in “I will rant but I won’t open to being truly seen or vulnerable” … well, I’m not sure what it is but it doesn’t feel fair. Stepping into public space, in my mind, means stepping fully and openly, with the same kind of risk of exposure people working in media experience. I like your wild woman expletives and what you’ve shared as your point of view. But a horse with no name is just a bunking bronco, or perhaps a broncette?

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